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Beat back bacteria

At Group KleinCity we’ve mastered the art of cleaning and disinfecting. We sanitize residences, food processing plants, restaurant equipment, HVAC systems, and anywhere harmful bacteria might crop up. We can even clean the supposedly uncleanable!

Our exclusive products and technologies completely eliminate dirt and grime caused by plant growth, pollution, and human activity from all types of surfaces.

Over time, moisture and pollution create an environment where stains can grow, leaving a surface looking older than it is, neglected, or maybe even unhealthy. Your home and your buildings are a reflection of you. With KleinCity, your properties will look like new again!

Here are the benefits of our exterior deep cleaning services:

  • Make your property and buildings look like new again
  • Increase their value
  • Safe for surfaces, the environment, and people
  • Turnkey service
  • Won’t block car or foot traffic
  • Won’t affect your business hours
  • And much more!
Before After
Here is a before-and-after example of a deep clean on an acrylic exterior

When it comes to heating and cooling, choose safety!

Heating and air conditioning are part of our everyday lives. These systems control our indoor air quality and quality of life, and it would be unthinkable to go without the comfort they provide.

KleinCity offers reliable, top quality Direct Air products for years of comfort and peace of mind. Choose the model that’s right for you and enjoy Comfort at its best! ®

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